Agriland S.A.M., established in 1990 in the Principality of Monaco, has its own logistics and a 25 salesmen network in France, with 3 sales managers, exclusive sales representatives for export and the best training schools. Agriland has a warehouse in USA and a partnership with about 30 distributors in the world.


Customers of Agriland are the best pastry chefs, chocolatiers, confectioners, ice cream makers, starred chefs, Gourmet shops,… But also major food artisans and industries who have the necessity to use high quality ingredients and raw materials are also our customers.

Agriland collaborates with some Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in pastry and chocolaterie, ice cream makers to develop new recipes and study new half finished or finished products.


Agriland is the exclusive distributor in France and in the whole world (except Italy), of all Agrimontana products: chestnuts, candied fruits, honeys, fruits purees, ingredients for ice creams, as well as Domori chocolate, both for food professionals and final consumers.


Besides this, Agriland enlarged its offer of high quality products from Italian typical origins with:

  • Piedmont whole and paste Hazelnuts
  • Italian Marzipan and almonds in powder
  • Bronte Pistachios and Sicily Almonds
  • Ready to use flours and bakery products
  • Regional specialities as “Giandujotti” (chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts) and “Panettone”.


Amateur or professional,

Pastry chef, baker, restaurant owner, chocolate maker, ice cream shop,….

Or simply Fine Gourmet,

If you’re also passionate about the natural preservation of the raw materials offered by nature, come to discover our range of products with no added colorants, preservatives or synthetic additives.


Come to visit our website and discover our products for pastry, gelato making and bakery, products which evolve since more than 50 years through the caring of a family history located in the heart of Piedmont region.

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Agriland S.A.M

27 Boulevard d’Italie, Le Margaret. 98000 Monaco

Tél. +377.